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Mass in English

An interesting piece of news: you can hear mass in English every Saturday @12 pm in San Juan del Hospital church. Maybe it’s not the most exciting plan for the weekend, but it’s a way of practising your listening skills in a real setting!!!
Go and have a look, even if it’s only for curiosity…




Hello again this is my second writing in the diary about our learning, the theme this week was food in general.

On Tuesday we corrected the homework, it was vocabulary about fast food and we had to complete phrasal verbs using the correct form.

After that, Sandra gave us a text which had different dishes and pictures. We had to put the dish name and which country they come from. There was also the name of the ingredients as rice, tomato, potatoes, cheese, garlic, mushroom and red peppers, we had to put the dish with name of these ingredients. Finally we had a conversation in pairs, we talked about how to choose a dish in different situations, which were: on the beach, in   an elegant business lunch, romantic dinner or expensive dinner. There were argument to choose the correct dish, but I was good.

On Thursday we started a listening about three people, they were speaking in a restaurant, we had to put in a table the food and the drink that they chose, it was very difficult because I have problems to understand a conversation when they talk fast (in this case it was very fast).The practice of conversation that day was that one of us was a restaurant It had a menu with different dishes: Starters, main course second course and dessert. We spoke in pairs. The waiter said the menu and the customer had to choose the favourite dish. It had in general two parts, one was more or less a healthy menu, but another part had a lot of oil and cholesterol

Well friends this is the last writing at the moment. I think I have learnt enough but I have to continue, this English is difficult, I forget the words and the grammar easily. I will have to follow.

 I hope to see us together on the next course. Bye, see you in October







Recipe for love

Check this out! It’s a bit silly, but it fits well into the recipe lesson we had today. Try to cook it at home and tell me if it tastes good   ; )


Week 12

Hello everybody.

Once more I am telling you something that ocurred on 12th and 14th May.

First, I want to encourage you to keep fighting. I admit that it is difficult to keep the motivation of the first days because we are tired, the course has been long and we want to finish this stage and start another with renewed hopes. So, I encourage you to continue until the end because we are finalizing.

We all know what we have done last week, so I will not bore you telling all that has happened.

I liked the error correction of sentences. It is a pity not to have more time to improve.

I have to say that Sandra forgot to correct an exercise, specifically, the exercise number 3, page 35 of the workbook. This is not a critique but it is an anecdote, because it is very rare that Sandra passes something over. I must also say that the substance of the exercise was largely explained.

As it was said in a cartoon series,


José María


Another British favourite…


Healthy food


Week 11

This is the summary about week 11 (5th, 7th April)
Last week we learned the different kind of uses about future. First we reviewed the 
grammar and then we did some sentences in future to practise.
 Grammar Summary
a. Will + verb in infinitive:
-Spontaneous decisions, Predictions and Promises
b. Be going to + verb in infinitive:
Plans, intentions and predictions with evidence
c. Present continous
Fixed plans and time expressions
In the next part of the lesson we did the listening 5a, page 31 in Workbook. In the listening 
somebody answered some questions for a survey. The answers were about plans and intentions.
 We spoke about trips to practise with the vocabulary seen in unit 5.
 Homework corrected on Tuesday: Page 32, exercise 1 and 2. Page 33 exercise 4, 5 and 1 
of Workbook. 
Homework corrected on Thursday: Page 33, exercise 1 and page 34 exercise 1a of Workbook. 
I have very bad memory. If you remember something else about the lesson, you can write a comment 
in this post.
 P.D: Sandra had a cold. I hope that she is better next week.


Week 10

Hello everybody again, here is Toni.

It isn’t my turn but, last Thursday, as there was nobody who had to write our weekly summary, Sandra chose me from the whole class and I couldn’t refuse but I don’t agree.

Well, we began on Tuesday correcting an exercise of “rewrite using a modal verb”. Afterwards we started a listening about the big money that famous sportsmen earn, if it is fair or not. We had different opinions for and against. Each one spoke a little, alone with Sandra, about if we like sports or not.

Next day, Thursday (April 28th), we had to correct several exercises of the homework about sport vocabulary. Later we started a new listening: Trip changes (Time of departure, transports, places, plans, etc). As usual, we didn’t understand too much but every time we are learning a little more.

I believe that it is our fault because we must practise more English listening in our free time but I don’t do it. I’m sorry.

In the last minutes of class everybody had to speak with everybody to make a survey on two questions that Sandra gave us.

Finally, Sandra, our dear teacher, said to us that she would post some exercises on the website as homework for the weekend.

That’s all friends and enemies.



Week 9

Hello! I am Inma.
This week is my turn to do the summary.
Well, this week we have worked the theme of Sports.
Sandra has proposed different educational and fun activities for this topic: listening, exercises of notebook, 
soup of letters, guess, conversations, etc.
In all of them we reviewed vocabulary, grammar, verb forms, necessary physic qualities, equipment and 
places to do sports.
This week we have handed in the composition about a love story too.
Best regards,


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